Introduction // 31st of May 2018

Introducing the Meta Mental as a potential next evolutionary update, a reinvention of consciousness.


Any mental concept has something of a map to it, doesn´t it?

Theories and models are somehow maps to help us orient in the lands of abstractions.


If you´re in a city and you need to go someplace, you look at the map and go;
third side street to the left
and that´s all you need to check. The structure of the city, with the blocks forcing you to walk down streets, the road signs telling you where about you are, is enough most of the times to help you to your goal.


But out in nature, in the middle of a forest … all you see are trees, more tress and even more trees. You might not know what ´s north and south, what´s up and down on a map. There are no (house-)numbers on the trees, no signs helping you out.



Time is a bit like that wild nature.

All you see ahead are appointments in your calendar. Like trees with space in between.

But time further ahead .. predictions, based upon events in the past, hoping that the future is somehow going to be reliable.


It isn't.

Black swans, disrupt happens.

Faster, more often.

Time get´s wilder, not tamer.


You need a compass.

In nature, in the forest the compass will help you with somethings. With a map and some knowledge of orientation, you´ll find your ways through the forest.


But how how to navigate "in time"? Evolutionary and developmental theories deliver maps .. but what about a compass? What is it that has the quality of a compass?


Your heart some say … well yes, but heart if somewhat limited (more on that later).

Your intuition some say … well yes, but intuition is also somewhat limited. It´s in itself rather a quality of the mental, similar to the way instinct is related to body and heart is related to the feeling realm (more on that later).


I simply assume that a kind of "compass" is yet to be discovered and this online book project is hinting at some qualities of such a compass.


You could say it´s a Turquoise or maybe Coral attempt.

You could see it as a reinvention of consciousness.

You might sense it.

Hopefully it stays with a Koan quality to your mental mind, because it should in itself be an evolutionary update beyond our minds and mental capacities of today.



The compass will somehow be Meta Mental.

Like a forth leap in human evolution. A new, forth quality of the instruments awareness/consciousness uses in the realm of Form.

These three qualities so far being something like these:

  1. Life through a body, earliest humans,
  2. Life through a body – sensation – feeling, humans evolving from maybe 50.000 years to 5.000 years ago,
  3. Life through a body – sensation – feeling – feelthink – thinking – purely abstracted mental thinking, humans evolving from maybe 5.000 years ago to today,

Meta Mental might be added, like this:

  1. Life through a body – sensation – feeling – feelthink – thinking – purely abstracted mental thinking meta mental, humans still to come.


So far we know 1, 2 and 3.


What could Meta Mental mean?


Let me first sell it to you. Why should you bother?


Think about your hand. Five fingers.

A million years ago humans made rough tools with their hands. Through out time, as Feeling and later Thinking got added, we have at the same time become even more skillful with our hands and those five fingers, haven´t we? Think of a gold smith, a wrist watch maker, a musician, a brain surgeon .. and so on.

The hand has been there all the time. Is does not go away. It got “better” as the realms Feeling and Thinking evolved.


Now please think about your thinking.

Think about that thinking of yours becoming even more skillful, just the way the hand became more skillful.


That will be your take away, the benefits. You´ll be even smarter, faster, more comprehending, grander. And you will be more humble, loving, caring and kind. And you´ll be more alive, vivid, bodily happier (should I write sexier also?). (more on that later)




Ok, that was the sales rap for Meta Mental on a personal level.



Chaper ONE // 20180606

The things that could have been said but didn't got spoken - IEC 2018.


The Integral European Conference took place in Mai for the third time. In Hungary in Siofok at the long stretched lake Balaton, an hour or so away from Budapest, some six hundred people from all around the world gathered for five days. Two thirds were Europeans and all continents were represented (except the poles). The IEC is clearly one of the gatherings of anyone into evolution, somehow. Most of the keynote speakers are known around the globe, published authors and leading experts within their fields.


A lot gets said.

And some things linger in the air, but are not spoken.


Of the six hundred people, almost two hundred present their work. Typically stuff that has the word “integral” somewhere in it´s name. Some ten or so workshops and presentations happened parallel. If you have the time, go and check the program, get an idea if the richness of what was offered (


The last days, some two weeks after the conference, I've been looking through pictures of what was going on in the other rooms, the ones I couldn't visit. I get so aware of how limited by own view is, of what was going on overall. So when I say “but didn't got spoken” it means I didn't get to hear it. Or I heard it but didn't understand it at that moment and writing now is a way of digesting the input.


During the keynote speakers Terry Patton, Tom Steiniger, Elisabeth Debold and Frederic Laloux on the last day, I noticed that the writing I was doing wasn't just about what I heard but kind of stuff that could have been said – also – but I didn't hear it spoken out loud. There was also suddenly a new understanding of Brother David Steindl-Rast, the keynote from the day before, landing on my paper, a possible interpretation of Peter Merry´s presentation from two days before, some stuff Paddy Pampallis had said about South Africa. Then Black Swans and disrupt out of Terry´s presentation, Peter Russel´s concept of “a white whole in time” (from the 1980s) .. loads started to turn in my head and landed on paper.


“This is a draft for a book” I realized.

BUT! .. next to an article on a skiing holiday I've never published anything written. So this “knocking” on my inner door first just brought up a big No.

“Not my business – I´m a DJ, presenter, live event situation guy.”


Frederic Laloux spoke on the growing importance of inspiration the way many artist now it:

“.. well, I was out doing some gardening, and THEN SUDDENLY it was just there ..”.

The kind of inspiration that seem to come out of no where, and often is stunningly surprising to the person who “receives” it. Frederic told a true story about an author who worked an a book for some time, but had gotten stuck with the story half way through. By chance at some gathering she ended up sharing the story with another author … who responded more and more as if he already new the story. In fact it turned out the other guy had written almost exactly the same story at the other end of the country, more or less parallel in time. He was though also stuck … Frederic Laloux concluded, that maybe somehow “information” wants to come through and it wants to be shared, somehow. And what ever “sends” that impulse doesn't care about who pics it up and starts working on it to make the information available to others, but “it” keeps on seeding until someone does respond.


Out of nowhere I was so touched and a few tears were cried.


This phenomena is not new to our time. Alexander Graham Bell´s patent on the telephone (March 7, 1876) was filed just about two hours before Elisha Gray filed a similar patent application to give you an example.

I looked at my notes .. the content seemed also to be about new identity, about adequate response in the moment .. if I let myself be updated the way my own scribbled notes suggest, I could just as well start writing this book to find out what it wants to tell (me).


A moment of magic:

Udom. The guy is from Thailand and wants to move into politics. Or rather a special, "old" aspect of politics: Monarchies and their roles in future societies. “Integral Institute of Monarchy Futures” (by Udum Tangjettanaporn.) I can not remember much of the details he shared on the stage, but it was strongly emotional. And it touched me deeply. I wept. Again. The second time within half an hour. I don't do that very often, but when I do, I've learned to listen very close to what ever then comes:

“This book is to somehow address Asia, or maybe the American-European-Western continent-centric:ness .. it´s somehow about how “Buddha” and all the symbolism that comes with Buddha .. it´s about Reinventing Consciousness.”


Small little task for a DJ. Honestly, I was about to run out and hide in the bathroom. Again: “Not my business – I´m an entertainer, a live event situation guy!. I´m not w a writer, and whenever I tried ...”.


That thought “whenever I tried” stirred something. Maybe it was more about HOW I tried in the past? I keep having ideas, some rather big. I've started a project where the international news agency Reuters came to film the opening event (“when stuff like this happens in Berlin, we´ll sell this international”), but all to often I got stuck in preparing, planing this and that, thinking about necessary resources .. and suddenly three months or more have passed with no substantial outcome. I then move on the next cool idea.


That summaries the last six or seven years of my life.


Another moment of magic: The Teal guys. The Organizational guys. Big companies and organizations stuff .. not my cup of tee. I´m not only a DJ, I´m (was?) also strongly identified with my status as a solopreneur. But the Teal track at the conference had just said something about their workshop also being about “getting projects started”. So I went there. And with the help of both method and some generous people, you´re right now reading Chapter One, only ten days after the impulse to this book.


Inspired by another online book project “” (by David Chapman. Great read, recommended) I thought, why do a paper version? If I´m really to address Asia somehow, this might be read by three guys in China, five in Thailand, six in Vietnam and so on. Maybe some dear friends would have had the courtesy to buy an actual paper copy sometime in the future, but those paper copy versions would probably not reach deep into Asia … but Online can do that.



The next chapter will be about one aspect of DJ:ing: to anticipate what an audience will respond positively to, in a minute or two. What if I think that ability world-centric?  Maybe also rather a year or a decade ahead. What is a carrot everybody´s gonna love?



Chaper TWO // 20180615

My background - to anticipate what an audience will respond positively to - or "Move with Joy to Liberate"


You might have heard this one:
it´s said we ´re all highly unique but each one of us is blind to his / her own uniqueness.
Like we all carry a little light bulb on our heads and each one of us has a very specific color to that bulb. So everything I ever experienced, ever will experience, is colored by my light – leading to that I take the uniqueness for granted and I think it´s just normal, that´s the way life is. You take your light for granted.
It´s also said that there are two important days in our lives – the day we´re born and the day we find out why. In other words, the day we start to see our own specific light, our own specific contribution in the world.

I could have become an engineer. I probably would have worked with invention and evolving the next generation of whatsoever .. I loved electronics and invented things in high school, build a simple computer based sampler for my technical college degree (that was 1984 and if you´re into making music and ever worked with sampling, you might know that 1984 was very early. Sampler came around in the 90s).

I didn't become an engineer. Age 34, after having left three universities behind me (with out any degree) and probably 15 or 20 different jobs also behind, I was so fed up. After some really deep analyzing into what I really really love to do, always some how have done and can imagine to turn into a business, I became a DJ. That´s right – disc jockey.
Entertainment, fun, dancing, parties, events, night life .. weddings, I love playing at weddings.

About 20 years later I still dj and entertain. One of the apparent qualities a DJ need to have, is a good feel for what an audience will like the most in about 3 minutes, expressed in music. One of the maybe not so apparent qualities a DJ also need to have, is the same a good director has, like a theater or film director. We create an arc of suspense, ideally starting building with the very first piece of music and having everyone land with the very last piece .. ideally after the last sound, there is a distinct feel of "end of the party" for tonight. It can be a moment of perfection.


Now, of course there is a lot of experience that goes into my dj:ing after working years with music. What pieces of music go good together. There are books and training in this. Sometimes the theory fits. Often is does kind of fit, sometimes not at all. I make a living out this, so I can not afford to stick to theory. I need to go with what is. What is making this specific audience happy on this specific evening at this specific moment? Everything else is of less importance. And I've got 2 minutes to figure out the potentially very best fitting next song.


You could say, we as DJs are creating happy futures. Moment by moment.

Ok, that is limited to some hours, and to a specific audience in a specif setting.


This little book project is taking the same basic principle a little further. Humanity evolves, somehow. Theories, like the integral and others based upon integral thinking / spiral dynamics / Theory U and so try to predict what might come. It´s a bit like treating evolution like a donkey, using a whip from the past (=prediction), saying go there. We do not do that out of stupidity. Of course not. We do these predictions, beacause that´s the best we know. That´s what mental abstract thinking is capable of.

The donkey might move, but its not going to be a happy donkey, is it?


What about a carrot?


Ken Wilber talks about how fear driven first tier is. And one sign of second tier is that fear falls away, that being driven by fear lessens through increased sense of meaning – a "fundamental leap in meaning" is how he calls it. The word “meaning” can of course be interpreted in several ways. One observation I make among fellow integral travelers is that meaning is used quite mentally – it´s about understanding and through understanding trying to integrate the first tier heritage. It can be a very academic “meaning” at times.


But what then? “Fear lessened” might leave a kind of motivational empty space. What drives evolution from here on? Is evolution automatic? Always? Can we know that? Can we take it for granted? Some assume that evolution of consciousness goes on automatically. Though, maybe it doesn't´t. Maybe evolution says something like: “I took you this far for free. Pushed you through. Now it´s up to you where and how you want to go on.”


I think we need to make aware choices from here on. What do I allow to inspire me? What are my aware choices? And I think that from now on we can actually chooce pretty much with what speed we evolve. Choice the “right stuff” and evolution speeds up nicely, choice the “wrong” stuff, and pathology of integral yellow / teal appears and spreads.


Don´t choose, and some kind of world wide consciousness default setting takes on the lead.


Still, some kind of guidance may be needed. I advocate Joy as one such quality. Joy on a broad sense. A Joy that when it reaches the heart is an important ingredients in Love. A Joy that in the body let´s us be very alive. Let´s us experience this life directly now. It brings certainty beyond any doubt. A Joy that when it touches the mental is an important ingredient for inspiration, for deep and wide blissful understanding .. that opens the door for Meta Mental.


Is that a good carrot? Does it allow us to move with joy to liberate evolution? To also recieve suprising updates to consciousness, the way artist do, so that Reinventing Consciousness happens .. this is another way to hint at Meta Mental.



Chapter THREE pre // 20180622

The Chapter this week comes in the form of Music.


I´ll be back to writing in a few days. Until then - enjoy this piece of music.


Grey Swami - Stop Searching


Chapter THREE // 20180707

Remembering the Future


Imagine for a moment that you come from another world. In this world time runs a bit different than we humans are used to.

In this world you only know linear time.


You´re sent to a blue planet to do some simple research. You´re asked to measure the average temperature over each 30 day period. You manage to communicate with the locals, referring to themselves as homo sapiens sapiens and they tell you they call the time in which you've just landed “April”. They also tell you spring and summer is about to come (whatever that means).


You measure 10 degrees Celsius (50 F), as the average in “April”.

The next period (“we call it May”) you measure 15 degrees, later 20, then 25 and by the end of the 30 days called “August” you've measured 30 degrees Celsius.


During September you´re called home. Back to the place with only linear time.

You´re then asked to estimate what the temperature will be in 90 days (“that´s Christmas time”, the homo sapiens would have told you).

From this basic linear time experience the culture and society you live in strongly believes in linear progression of any phenomena.


You sit down, calculate and tell you bosses: “50 degrees” (122 F).


End of silly story.


We humans so deeply and directly know that some phenomena over time are not linear but cyclic. We know that if that alien researcher would have stayed during September, he would have measured a lower temperature .. and by Christmas it´s for sure not going to be 50 degrees.


Start of an even sillier one.

Whenever you think about the future, what are you reference values for any plans, estimations and so on? Most likely your reference values will come from the past, wont they? Ask anyone on this planet about the future, and they will tell you estimations based upon what they already know. How it was, how it used to be. How it thus most likely somehow will be.


Somehow along a thinking line from the past is how the future is imagined.


Does such a thinking line estimate cyclic, linear or maybe even fully disrupted progressions?


And can it even think the “unthinkable”, like remembering the future?


Until maybe the year 1750 or so, bigger changes that disrupted societies came slow. You were born and by the day you were old, nothing much had changed. In those days such a progression from the past to make predictions about the future actually worked.


Welcome to 2018.

Welcome to disrupt, black swans, game changers, huge surprises, sudden changes on all levels of society.

But still we somehow plan along that old way of thinking, don´t we? At least when we are talking about the “outer world”, meaning business plans, plans of nations and so on.


But what about consciousness itself? Let´s quickly take an integral / SD walk from then to now.



Chapter FOUR // 20180729

The limitations of mind and it´s concepts


What is it that “explains & motivates” the world at Beige, Purple, Red, Amber/Blue and so on?

Let´s call these explanations & motivations concepts.


At Beige “the concept” it to survive, driven by instinct.

At Purple its something like “the tribe is right, let´s stick together and we are safe”.

At Red the concept is “I am mighty & righty and I just do what I like”.

At Amber / Blue the concept goes along “there is one true originator and we have received the message bout the originator, so we are the chosen ones – and thus we have the obligations to enforce it upon all humans to make sure there is some order”.

At Orange the concept turns to “it” itself. Objectify it. “It” is right if it is measured and can be re- measured with the same result. And more of “it” is even better. Let´s go for “more”, whatsoever, howsoever.

At Green the concepts turn to we, the Humanity. “We´re all equals, or at least should be. Those who still didn't get it .. well, couldn't we push them into equality? (sorry, of course it´s “coach and invite”).“


Then there is a break.


At least according to theory. That, btw is also a concept. Something new emerges. It´s been given the colors Yellow / Teal depending on if you have a background in Spiral Dynamics (yellow) or Integral theory (teal). That´s why also Amber / Blue above comes with two colors.


Conceptually, Yellow / Teal integrates all the previous. All the previous are grouped together and given the name 1st tier. After Yellow / Teal comes Turquoise, and together they are called 2nd Tier.


Turquoise and further Indigo / Coral (beginning of 3rd tier) are assumptions made on Yellow / Teal. Turquoise and Indigo / Coral are integral concepts - about the future of human consciousness itself. Made by a lower or “past model”. Looking at Turquoise and Indigo / Coral from Yellow / Teal is like looking at Yellow / Teal from i.e. Orange – it´s bound to be full or reduction and misunderstandings.


Maybe if we exchange the words “Turquoise, Indigo / Coral” with “next unknown stages”, it get´s clearer that at Yellow / Teal we actually don't know Turquoise and higher, we just only assume. We postulate.


This assumption includes an evolutionary progression that is sometimes pictured linear, sometimes to also hint at the cyclic aspects, in the form of a spiral. But whatsoever, the assumption is that human consciousness should keep on evolving in somewhat similar manners as it did the last 50.000 years (or so).


One big problem is that any idea, any model, any map, any concept (or whatever you like to call that which is born as a mental construct), is that these words and images work as some kind of filters to our minds. We start to measure and compare ourselves and that which actually happens to these mental concepts – and we quite often rather let the concepts win and reality loose.


Basically we've already put up mental fences to Turquoise and Indigo / Coral. On top of it, we think we need to climb these fences. But what if i.e. Indigo / Coral is Disrupt – a full and total disrupt.


A major game changer? Did it ever occur to you that maybe Turquoise and Indigo / Coral rather wants to define themselves?


Turquoise and Indigo / Coral explanations about the world might be radically different to what we've learned and assume to know, looking from the integral yellow / teal perspective. Do you realize that at Indigo / Coral the integral theory and spiral dynamics might be quite outdated? (Oups, what did I just say? Will I now be .. thrown out of the club?)


The mental concepts as such are of course not the core of this problem. The limitations or fences are though created when we think and assume that we already know it all, when we are blind to our momentary paradigm but still assume that we out of our present paradigm can tell the most likely future, including that of the evolution of human consciousness.


(remember the months and the average temperature in the last chapter?)


The mind and the mental working of it as such are great and in themselves not a problem. The thinking mind, the mental working of the minds of today though have some limitations. When we start to believe that these limits are the limitations to reality itself, then we soon have problems. We can even scientifically prove this “limited world experience” is the true world. Anything outside of it is somehow suspect and maybe esoteric bullshit, pure fantasy or whatever description to not need to take it serious.

In such situations a friend of mine writes science fiction when her academic research gets too funky for the “real” scientific community.


In the end it boils down to something that in logic has a fancy name (that I cant find right now.) It goes like this: “this thing is pink and since it´s pink, we have just proven it´s a pink thing.”


It´s a bit more complicated when the pink thing is mind itself. But since mind itself can not truly imagine anything larger than mind, scientific research (created by mind) can only come up with stuff where-through mind measures mind´s own ideas about what mind can imagine to experience. From that “scientific” perspective, anything outside mind´s own realm is too strange to be taken serious.


The limited mind proves that there is nothing outside of it´s own limitations. With slight sarcasm I say “bravo”.



Next chapter will thus look into our present world situation and "man made problems".





Chapter xxx - Music and Space (in a few days)

An example - Music

Space is actually what makes anything appear -we´re just not tuned to it yet.



Chapter xxx - Seeing and Space (in a few days)

Another example - a picture

Space is what makes anything appear - we´re just not tuned to it yet.



Chapter xxx - impulse, inspiration & creativity (in a few days)

  • im pulse - first there is pulse
  • in spirit - impulse enters spirit
  • cre ate - spirit enters creation
  • stirring / regung and impulse



MORE chapters to come (in some days/weeks)

  • manifestation
  • models of manifestation - I am right
  • more models of manifestation - WE are right
  • even more models of manifestation - IT is right
  • just to much models of manifestation - give me a break
  • getting lost amongst the concepts
  • Spiral Dynamics and Integral Theory - maps created on Yellow / Teal? Peter Merry at the IEC
  • Terry Patton at the IEC 2018
  • finding - Brother David Steindl Rast at the IEC 2018
  • The picture expands - who turns the hour glass?
  • paths to return upon
  • leaving the paths
  • from here on uncharted territory
  • time to navigate the Now
  • Dementia or enlightenment - entering the ever present Now but letting the clocks tic
  • US, Europe, Africa and Asia - are we continent centric or world centric ?
  • The Quadrants are standing head on the southern hemisphere - Patty and Ubuntu
  • so are we mostly "I" or mostly "We" (Tom Steiniger and Elisabeth Debold the IEC 2018) - Ola invents "iWe"
  • what drum Buddha beats today - tears in my eyes as Asia says Hello.
  • old school spirituality and reinvention of consciousness - maybe cosmo centric, but how?
  • the universe at the core of a pupil of a nun - size collapses
  • updating the models - Spiral Dynamics and Integral Theory - created on Yellow / Teal, or wadda ya say?
  • Turquoise tools - a compass for the (old) maps?
  • Who needs maps when Akasha goes online right in your head?
  • Only Fools can do that! Susanne Cook-Greuter at the IEC 2018
  • The arc is a rainbow and at the end of the rainbow, a pot of gold awaits ..
  • There is always ego as long as human Form exists - Terri O´Fallon at the IEC 2018
  • att finnas utan att vara eller existera - a third kind of verb to describe active-passive existence & being
  • the spark - frederic laloux at the IEC 2018
  • more
  • .. to come